Factors That Influence Behavior at Work

The workplace has become a very dynamic environment and as such management has to be cognizant of the plethora of factors that influence behavior at work. Failure to detect and take remedial action to reduce the effects of factors which impact negatively on behavior at work can be detrimental to the success of any organization. Three of these factors are: environmental/ hygiene, motivators and lazy but not least the family.

 The hygiene factors are comprised of elements such as: the quality of supervision, job security, company policies and procedures as well as the nature of interpersonal relationships that are established in the workplace. If the quality of supervision a worker receives is sub- standard it is also likely that work output from that employee may be of a less than desirable quality. This is especially true if the employee in question is not very experienced. An employee who has a supervisor who is threatening will likely not enjoy job satisfaction as this contravenes his human relations needs of self esteem among other things.

Furthermore, company policies and procedures which are not properly thought out can do more harm than good in the sense that they frustrate the employee as he/ she strives to do the job. A frustrated employee may announce his/ her frustration by absenteeism and lateness.

Salary is also another contributing factor; although not a great motivator by itself, go a far way in influencing behavior at work. One must always take into account the fact that the employee needs money to satisfy a significant number of his physiological needs such as: food, shelter and clothing. Employees will not be able to function/ perform at work without such needs.

In addition to the hygiene factors, one must also thoroughly examine the motivational factors which influence behavior at work” these include but not limited to; the work itself, recognition, achievement, growth and development.

Work must be properly designed so that the employee can find it challenging and interesting. If this is not done, it is likely that you will have employees who are just going through the motions and waiting for work to be dismissed each day. The organization stands to suffer significantly as in a scenario where worker productivity declines. However, this can be dealt with through job rotation and job enlargement. Employees need to have a sense of value for their contributions they make for the organization – they need recognition.

As such management must seek to influence employees’ behavior by developing novel ways of recognizing them for their contributions. Some employers do so by giving awards among other things. Employees who are given opportunities for growth and advancement are likely to display positive behaviors at work. They tend to be more loyal and dedicated to help the organization achieve its goals.

Finally, the family is another powerful fierce which impacts/ influences behavior at work. The world is dynamic and so is the family. We have seen a shift from a traditional type family to a dual type system where both parents work. We have also seen the growth of single parent households. Where both parents are working, arrangements must be made to take care of the children. This too can result in absenteeism as parents leave work for brief periods to pick up the children. The same is also true of the single parent families. Women now comprise a large chunk of the workforce and as such have to balance childbearing and work. In response to this some employers have created day care centers and after care/ facilities or programs. An employee who is on the job and at the same time concerned about his/ her child more often than not is less productive.

The most important assets of any organization are the human capital/ resources. Therefore, employers ought to mindful of that fact and put the necessary measures in place to recognize and   reward them for their invaluable contribution to the organization.  If employees are recognized for their worth and treated with respect and are allowed to advance themselves personally and professionally, it is likely that they will expend great energy in their work. Whenever there is a high level of job satisfaction among employees, it is generally reflected in the company’s profit margin.

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